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Long mast / crankup tower

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Subject: Long mast / crankup tower
From: (Leikhim, Joe by way of Craig Clark <>)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 09:32:54 -0600
        Adam Kerner wrote:
> I would like this to be down 8' or so to minimize
> the "top-heavy-ness" of the whole schmear.  OK,  how do I get to it when
the tower is cranked down to install?  (3 nested sections don't 
leave more than an
> RCH of room between diagonals, etc.)  I don't climb the tower when it's
> up.  I thought of welding some strong, solid steel stops on each leg of
> the lower two sections, which would keep the tower from lowering all the
> way, a

I was gg to resist commenting on this threat but........... 
I have a crank-up too and here's what I have learned.

>I wouldn't weld something to a perfectly good tower. 

A professional welder will not hurt the steel. The galvanizing would be the

>I also have a crank 
up (in process of erecting) and have thought about what steps I would 
take to climb the tower in the event I had to deal with something 
>preventing it's normal crank down.

Get some aircraft cable or steel rope. Attach it to the bottom of the top
section. If the tower jams, connect the steel rope to a cable grip and a
"come-along."  This will give you a positive pull down of your tower.
I attach the come-along to a dacron or manila rope for a little bit of
elasticity. I find this is helpful in pulling down a crank up.

> I am considering keeping several 
lengths of 4x4's around to block the descent of each section during such 
a climb. Any thoughts???

Personally, I would NOT climb a crank up for any reason. However, the one
time I had to, I blocked each section with wood. I was scared to death.

Happy holidays all!


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