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Guys on self-supporting towers

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Subject: Guys on self-supporting towers
From: (Paul Beckmann)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 96 08:45:57 CST
Steve raised an interesting question about it being BAD to guy self-supporting
towers. Consider this, however: is it not true that Rohn 25/45/55 tower
sections can be used both in self-supporting (as I am planning) or in guyed
configurations?? This seems to be NOT a bad thing. But.... the foundations
are different and the wind area capacities are different...

  Another thing: I heard that Universal (aluminum, high flex structures)
were never supposed to be guyed.

  I know nothing about crank-ups (and maybe nothing about the subjects
mentioned above!)

  Merry Christmas to all!

--Paul Beckmann

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