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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 11:00:44 -0600 (CST)
LL> Has anyone written a good book on practical ham tower installations?
LL> ||Larry||

Yes, it's sorely needed.  The only problem is that even a 
1000 page book would be woefully inadequate -- there is such 
a wide range of topics that need to be covered, and they
need to be covered in depth,  and then, there are so many 
variables that make "practical" in one part of the country 
or situation not "practical" in another, and so many compromises 
that any practical situation demands.  And there may be legal 
fears to worry about.  

Still, I have wished for years that someone would make 
a stab at some sort of generic essay.  

Perhaps a compendium, like the ARRL's Antenna Compendiums, 
might be a lesser, alternative approach, with different 
experts contributing sections on different topics.  

Or, another lesser approach might be a handbook of generic
information, such as all relevant formulas and tables dealing
with concrete, soil, aluminum, steel, fasteners, stress, 
guying, wind, ice, temperature, safety equipment, ropes, 
practical tower, guy, mast, & antenna installation techniques, 
etc., etc.

In the mean time, the Rohn catalogue, a skimpy chapter in 
the ARRL Handbook, and this reflector is about all there is. 
Troy WI0R

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