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Tower grounding.

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Subject: Tower grounding.
From: (James Wolf)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 10:25:22 +0000
The assumption being made that concrete tower bases _blow up_  if 
grounded is misleading. Towers in these parts are hit quite often.   
I have yet to see a base damaged. The problem, if any,  stems from
not grounding the tower structure and rebar within the base. 
This tower structure, can actually arc to pieces of rebar 
within the concrete. 
The current thought is to braze or weld ALL metal components together
within the base. Use rebar or grounding rods extruding from the base 
underground into the soil to actually provide a ground to the base. 
You have a much better chance of damaging a concrete base if this is 
not done.  This also helps control the strike and provides a better ground to
the entire system.  

Polyphaser, who is the leader in lightning control devices, has a 
book called "The Grounds for Lightning and EMP Protection".
Anyone that is installing a tower should get a copy and read it.
You can get it from them at 800-325-7170.
They also have a web site. 

James (a survivor of two direct hits ) Wolf

James Wolf, KR9U (home) (work)

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