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Forgot to ask the questions on a mo bettah forum!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

73 Dave, K7JJ/6

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Subject: Phasing R7's
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I hate to look stuff up anymore.  Maybe someone has tried this.

I want to phase to R7 verticals.  I have no problem with the
phasing. . been there, done that.

I wonder what would happen if you have one configured for the low
end of the band and the other antenna configured for the high end?
I've had 2 dipoles cut for 7.025 and the other cut for
7.225..fed with a common coax.  It appeared to be flat across that

I assume the same would be true in this instance? The difference is
phasing them with 1/4 wave spacing and a Dunestar stack match.

Thanks for any inputs.

73, Dave K7JJ/6


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