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Spare parts for R7 Cushcraft,WHO,WERE ??

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Subject: Spare parts for R7 Cushcraft,WHO,WERE ??
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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 96 13:25:00 cst
Hello .......

I have a problem.Last year my vertical from Cushcraft the R7 broke
down due to hard winds.It broke down between my lower C hat and the
1st trap (TV1 for those who know it better).So now my isolation
fiber pipe broke into half.It's (I don't know in Inch) 31cm long and
22 thick.WERE CAN I GET IT ??Must I order it at the company of Cushcraft?
How much will it cost me??
Is there someone who can send it to me (I pay ofcourse).Or there's an
alternative to make it myself.I have acces to a lathe.I have surched for
other material and came up with "erthalon" and "teflon" I don't know if
you have these things in the US.It's white and quite strong but has some
problems with sunlight....

Any help is usefull!!

Please send it to me,my addres is:

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