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Problem with Yaesu Rotor

To: <>
Subject: Problem with Yaesu Rotor
From: (Jeff Singer)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 18:38:54 +0000
Larry - 

Open up the control box and make sure the 4001 chip is seated properly.
Take it out, clean the pins and place it back in (carefully, of course).
If this doesn't work, try replacing the chip (it's only abt one buck).
It's possible the chip is soldered, in which case replacing it will
probably solve your problem.

Good luck & 
73 de Jeff K2KV
formerly wa2syn
Larry Reader wrote:
> All of a sudden, after three years of trouble free service, I'm having a
> problem with my G-1000SDX rotor.  When turned on the indicator needle swings
> back and forth plus or minus 60 degrees.  The rotor still works fine, the
> needle just moves for no apparent reason.
> Anyone know what the problem is and/or the fix?  Thanks.
> Larry

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