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Guys on self-supporting towers

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Subject: Guys on self-supporting towers
From: (Don Moman)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 13:15:03 -0700 (MST)
I believe the extra downward forces exerted from the guying are less
likely to crumple the tower than the equivalent side forces exerted by
wind pressure.  Within the boundaries of common sense - 7/8" EHS tensioned
to many 1000 lbs isn't what we are talking about here! Crankups are a
different story with the stresses on the cable lifting systems.

 I have built/climbed and observed several configurations of guyed Delhi
tower (much like Rohn HBX) made of tapered and straight sections, to
heights exceeding 100 feet with 4 ele 40m KLM's on them. Only problem I've
seen was the KLM's broke in half due to wind, the Delhi survived fine. 

Common sense will tell anyone that a tower about to "go over" would
certainly be saved by a force pulling the top back against the wind - like
a guy wire.  This horizontal component of this force will do far more to
keep the tower up than the vertical component will do to take it down! At
some point both will come down, but I'll bet on the properly guyed s/s
anyday and I certainly won't be losing any sleep worrying about my guyed
but freestanding systems. 

73 Don

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