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Radial wire plows

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Subject: Radial wire plows
From: Rolfe Tessem" < (Rolfe Tessem)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 96 19:59:22
On Mon, 23 Dec 1996 17:43:32 -0500, Mike Rhodes wrote:

>  I too have used the lawn-edger method although I only had a small
>electric trimmer to use. It was certainly the easiest of the several
>methods I have tried, including a 10 inch diameter 'pizza cutter', ax, and
>fastened to the ground with hairpins. The pizza cutter was not too bad but
>not nearly as easy as I had hoped. Also, the groove made by it was packed
>on the edges and thus did not want to close up or 'heal' well. The lawn
>edger groove is relatively jagged and thus closes well by simply walking on
>it (assuming damp ground of course). Went thru a BUNCH of hairpins and then
>immediately got my clumsy feet tangled in one of the newly placed radials
>so that ended that adventure! Have not looked at a gas powered edger but
>the blades on the electric trimmer are a little too short to geive a
>consistent groove on 'choppy' terrain. However, after a couple trips across
>the lawn, I can just about guarantee that the creative juices will be
>flowing and you will be looking for a sacrificial edger to turn into a
>fulltime radial plow!

I've been following the conversation on radials and radial burying with 
interest. My problem is, I can't 
understand why anyone would go to all that trouble. 

In my experience, the preferred method is to just lay the radials out on the 
surface in the Spring. Set 
the the blade  on the mower high for a couple of mowings, and within a short 
amount of time the 
radials will disappear on their own.

Since nobody has mentioned this, maybe it's only a Massachusetts thing :-).

Rolfe, W1VC

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