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Tower Ratings - a data point

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Subject: Tower Ratings - a data point
From: (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 03:01:59 -0800 (PST)
>If you want a `back-of-the-envelope' calc of what a 50MPH
>tower will hold at 70MPH, just cut the load area in half...
>So 30ft^2 at 50MPH will be about 15ft^2 at 70...But as someone
>pointed out, it will be somewhat less than 1/2 because the load
>due to the tower itself will also increase.

It will be a LOT LESS THAN HALF.  It will be half if you assume the tower
itself has NO WIND LOAD AT ALL.  The tower itself probably has a wind load
equal to the antennas on it.  To me this means that a tower rated at some
load at 50 mph may barely hold itself up at 70 mph with NO ANTENNAS at all
on it.

>Sorry to add complexity to the mix...BTW, it wasn't a stupid
>question at all! no such thing...
>Kindest Regards,

Boy, I gotta agree with Mike on this last remark!  Crankup users should be
asking a lot more tough questions and demanding answers and data from the
manufacturers.  If they give you data, they are libel for it.  Naturally,
they don't want that.

OK, so I don't like crankups.  Why?  Because I am personally aware of 20 or
30 horrible accidents caused by them and I think they should be outlawed for
safety reasons.

Why do you suppose Rohn got out of the crankup business?  It ain't because
they don't like your money . . .


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