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easy off guy attachements

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Subject: easy off guy attachements
From: (Mark Sihlanick)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 17:48:43 GMT
For being able to disconnect guys from the tower easily to allow a hazer to
go past, the main suggestions were:

1. Use carabiners (have >5000 lbs strength; I misread the charts!)
2. Use Pelican Hooks (used for rigging on sailing vessels, there also
appears to be something similar at some Home Depots))
3. Use traditional clevis and shackles  (I looked, but to go around the 1.25
inch tower leg they are huge and heavy, rated at 10,000lbs or so)
4. Don't do it! Dropping the guys in the middle is asking for trouble.

Thanks to:
n4df, w7tsq, k7lxc, ko7v, w7ni among others.

I'll probably go with the carabiners.
tks Mark N2QT 

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