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Special Seasons Greetings

To: <>
Subject: Special Seasons Greetings
From: (bob)
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 03:23:45 -0100
Roger L. Elowitz wrote:
> To ALL Towertalk Subscribers,
> As a Towertalk subscriber these last few months, I have been exposed to a
> bountiful exchange of knowledge and ideas. 
> I wanted you all to know how very much I appreciated your contributions to
> not only my projects but also to everyone else's. 
> Fraternally yours,
> Roger Elowitz, K2JAS
> Morganville, NJ
> P.S. And a very special THANK YOU to Steve for doing such a great job of
> keeping this reflector going so beautifully.
ditto here as well. to all happy holidays. to steve, i used to read your
NCJ stuff and was sorry to see you go. glad you were re-incarnated on
the net! FINISH YOUR BOOK...i wanna buy it! cul all!!


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