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Guys on self-supporting towers

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Subject: Guys on self-supporting towers
From: (Rob Hummel)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 09:30:33 -0500 (EST)
The documentation for the old Wilson ST-77B crank-up tilt-over tubular tower
(design sold to US Tower as MA series)  notes that you can add a single set
of guys to the top (via slip ring) to increase the tower capacity.

The main tower is 68' tall and the mast can extend up to 9 feet above that.

Ratings with NO Guys:
Height  SQFT@50mph
69'              18 sqft @ 50mph
77'              12 sqft @ 50mph

With 4 equally spaced guys at top section:
77'              20 sqft @ 80mph

I am, of course, am running a 40-2CD at 72' and a 10-el log 10' above that
-- with no guys. I've only been scared once that it would blow down.

Best crank-up lessons learned:

1. Mount antennas on alternate sides of the mast so the tower top section
doesn't lean.

2. It takes far fewer people to remove antennas than to install them.
 Rob Hummel (WS1A) <>

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