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Seasons Greetings and a couple questions

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Subject: Seasons Greetings and a couple questions
From: (bobkathylangham)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 23:53:55 -0500
Seasons Greetings to everyone, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and 
will have an outstanding New Year. An a special thanks to you Steve, for 
all the work you do for us with this reflector.  I haven't been on it 
that long but I've already learned a lot.  Now for a couple of 

1) Has anyone had experence with the GEM QUADS and how do you like them.
I've put up my first tower and I'm considering either a 2 or 3 element 
quad from them.  I've been able to put up a HBX 40' and figure that 
these will stay within the windload and boom length.  Any comments, pro 
or con would be nice.

2) This one is for you Steve.  I know you run a tower supply company and 
that you mention once in a while about products that you carry.  Do you 
have a web page or catalog listing everything that you do carry?  I 
figure that with everything you do for us, between the reflector, NCJ, 
and CQ Contest, if I need to pick up something, I would just as well buy 
from you.

Thanks again and really the BEST OF HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE AND THEIR 

Bob   N8YGG
Beavercreek, OH

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