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Quad VS Yagi

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Subject: Quad VS Yagi
From: (Ron St. Laurent)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 11:09:19 -0500

Hi Bob,

Go with the Quad.  I have owned both a KLM KT34 and the Lightning
Bolt Quad.  I enjoyed the way both played.  When I owned the
yagi I did not have anyone nearby with a quad to perform comparisons.
I went with the quad to gain the additional 2 WARC bands at a
minimal investment.  I have the HDBX48 and the combination of
quad and tower is well suited.  My initial motivation was 
financial but if I were to choose today for even money I would go
with the quad hands down.  I have heard and worked DX that my 
friends with higher and much larger yagi just can't hear.  The
receive capture area is great (full wavelength).  Yes the front to
back is not terrific but there are instances (contests) where you
may not want as much rear rejection.  The side to side appears to
be very good when rotating the antenna.  BTW the Gem Quad will set
you back about $150 for a shipping as it must come via common
carrier.  The arms are one piece and cannot be shipped any other
way.  I have been actively seeking DX these past 20 months and I
now have 281 countries worked and 269 confirmed.  I have been
VERY pleased with my antenna.  Ron ND5S

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