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Dipole center insulators (summary, short)

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Subject: Dipole center insulators (summary, short)
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 07:08:11 -0800
The consensus for store-bought units is the Budwig Hye-que, though a number
of folks mentioned Van Gorden, Radioworks, Wireman, Alpha-Delta and other
alternatives.  Pricing is in the $6.50 - $9.00 range, which seems pretty
fair to me.  All the usual mail/phone order sources.

Several folks also sent info on making your own, which I'd be tempted by,
but for the time factor (I want to change out the center insulators before I
secure the array feedlines at the tower end).  If anyone wants details on
those designs, please mail me directly.

Credit the info to K3MM (ex KF3P), W0/G3WJN, KS4XG, W7WW (ex KI7LC), W3EA,
N5UL, W1VC, George Hiscox (no call given), K7WUW, K0WA, K4ZA, WA0ETC, KS4Q,
and NM1Q.  Hope I didn't leave anyone out.  Thanks again, folks! 

73, Pete Smith N4ZR 
West (bigawd) Virginia

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