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Quad VS Yagi

To: <>
Subject: Quad VS Yagi
From: (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 11:42:58 -0800 (PST)
My God!  You mean its quad vs Yagi time again?

My advice would be to go with the advice you get from the guy with the best
performance record in CONTESTS (not DX).  If you are contesting (as opposed
to DXing), you don't have time to screw around in one pile up for hours.
You gotta get the job done NOW.  The expert contester has mastered that
entire scenerio including what antennas really work best.  Given enough time
and patience (and lists), most anybody with any antenna at all can
eventually make the DXCC Honor Roll these days.  It takes much more than
that to consistently win contests.

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