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TH7DX / 402-cd Info

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Subject: TH7DX / 402-cd Info
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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 07:57:33 -0000
Hello all I wonder if anyone can help with a little info.

I have a TH7DX at 75 feet with a 402-CD mounted about 12ft above. Both =
booms are in the same plane.

1. The 15m swr curve seems to mimic the plot for normal settings shown =
in the manual but I have assembled it to the DX setting ( in fact the =
only setting given in the manual) can someone confirm the DX dimensions =
RDE-2 =3D838mm   FDE-2 =3D 1067mm

2. What power is the BN-86 rated at. Or put another way has anyone =
cooked one.

3. I am at present using a sleve balun in preference to the BN-86. This =
has worked fine on my old 3ele tribander but was wondering if this could =
upset the TH7.

I am not that hung up about the SWR on 15m as it is under 2:1 at the =
bottom of the band however if there is a way to shift the curve a little =
lower it would be nice.

Any other info on your experience with the above setup would be welcome.


Jan G0IVZ=20

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