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TH7DX / 402-cd Info

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Subject: TH7DX / 402-cd Info
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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 10:03:49 -0500
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>>I have a TH7DX at 75 feet with a 402-CD mounted about 12ft above. Both 
>>booms are in the same plane.
>>1. The 15m swr curve seems to mimic the plot for normal settings shown 
>>in the manual but I have assembled it to the DX setting ( in fact the 
>>only setting given in the manual)... 
>>I am not that hung up about the SWR on 15m as it is under 2:1 at the =
>>bottom of the band however if there is a way to shift the curve a 
>>little =
>>lower it would be nice...
Jan --

    Here's something else to try.  After taking benchmark SWR readings (and
on the air tests if possible), rotate the TH7 90 degrees so that the booms
are at right angles to each other.  While the Cushcrafts don't seem to suffer
from the same problems that the KLMs did with interaction with the booms
inline, again it might be an interesting test.  

     BTW, Dave's, K6LL,  comments about trying different lengths of coax did
wonders for my KT34XA on 15M.  

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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