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Lightning Bolt Quad caution

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Subject: Lightning Bolt Quad caution
From: (Bob Eslaire)
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 23:24:01 -0800
My Lightning Bolt Quad (LBQ) came down last winter with a little bit of 
ice on it (maybe an 1/8") and little wind at the time.  Boom broke at the 
boom to mast connection.  Then one of the element "fingers" on the 
remaining hub broke (probably due to the imbalance).  The boom wall is 
not up the job of holding the little extra weight of ice.  I should add 
that I am in SW Ohio near Dayton.

Electrically it was also miserable.  I used the dimensions as provided.  
Perhaps tuning would have helped.  Antenna was at 78' (boom height) and 
in the clear.

Back to yagis.

Bob, W9UI.

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