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Sources for fiberglass spreaders?

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Subject: Sources for fiberglass spreaders?
From: (Robin E. Midgett)
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 23:56:37 -0600 (CST)
I suggest Max-Gain Systems, Inc. in Marietta, GA. They may be reached at
770-973-6251 before 9:00 PM Eastern time. I have bought several pieces of
fiberglass tubing for various antenna projects from them, & they offer
discounts for spreader kits. They also have a good selection of RF relays,
tubes & other goodies. BTW, I do not work for Max-Gain, nor do I receive
any compensation for mentioning their name, just passing along information.

At 11:57 AM 1/1/97 -0800, Rob Frohne wrote:
>Greetings Friends,
>Last night we had one of the biggest blows I've experienced here in 
>southeastern Washington State.  My four element five band quad didn't
>do so well.  There are three broken spreaders this morning.  While
>I'm procrastinating about taking it down, Ithought I'd do a little 
>research on replacements.  The ones I have are the Cubex tapered
>spreaders.  I can get repalcements for $29.95 each plus shipping from
>Cubex.  As always happens, though, when my antennas don't survive I
>think about bigger and stronger ones.  I saw a note recently about 
>Skypole vaulting poles.  I'll call them after the holiday.  Are there
>any other sources of spreaders?  I'm also tempted by to add 30 and 40
>meters so 18' or 26' poles are tempting me.
>Rob KL7NA/W7
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