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Sources for fiberglass spreaders?

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Subject: Sources for fiberglass spreaders?
From: (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 12:26:47 -0500
I recently rebuilt a 2-elemnet quad. I got a set of Cubex hubs which
are sized for a 3 inch diameter boom. I used fiberglass spreaders which
I bought in Dayton from Max-Gain Systems. I believe they sell fiberglass
spreaders to Antenna Mart. I assemble the telescoping, two-piece spreaders
per their instructions, and am VERY pleased with the result. Other advice:
I have pinned ever joint in the antenna that could possibly rotate - the
hubs and the boom-to-mast clamp. I think I have a quad that will last.

About 2-3 weeks ago we had a double-whammy pair of sticky, wet snowstorms
here in the NE. Lots of folks had extensive damage; tress and powerlines
were down everywhere. A truss cable broke on my lower KT-34XA, and one
element bent. My 40-2CD looked like a big upside-down U, and it's boom truss
clamps slipped. A ten foot length of 2 inch PVC pipe bent 90 degrees over
it's length - and sprung back into shape, after I shook inch-and-a half 
diameter sleeves of frozen slush off the delta loop it was supporting.

The quad never batted an eyelash! Looked picture perfect through the whole

-Tony, K1KP,

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