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Proposed crankup configuration

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Subject: Proposed crankup configuration
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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 13:50:49 -0500
In a message dated 97-01-03 12:47:49 EST, you write:

>Thanks for the info.  It certainly helped me to come to a decision.  Tell me
>if this sounds good to you.
>Tower       -----    TX455  US Tower 55'
>10-20       -----    Hygain TH11
>40          -----    Cushcrash  40 M Rotatable dipole
>80/160      -----    Wires
>Rotor       -----    Yaesu G800S ???
>Question.... I only need P5 if it ever comes up.  Can I work it from here
>with this setup HIHI.  Anyway, what your impression of this?
Hi, Dean --

    Sounds like a pretty nice setup and will give you all-band capabilities.
 Needless to say the TX455 (18 sq. ft. @ 50 MPH) will be overloaded at your
75 MPH county wind speed rating by a significant factor (estimated 166% of
rated capacity).  Don't extend it all the way and you'll get some overhead
back again.  Well, you asked.

    My other question mark is the rotator.  The G800 doesn't have as much
braking torque as the Ham IV; either of which IMO are marginal for you.  The
Effective Moment/K-Factor of the TH11DX (weight times turning radius) is
1936; the G800 is rated at 1299 ft-lbs and the Ham IV is 2800 ft-lbs.  I
still think you need more starting torque because of the weight of the TH11
and we haven't even factored in the 40M rotating dipole yet.  The G1000 or
T2X TailTwister are better and the Create RC5A2 has even better specs for a
little bit more money.  TOWER TECH handles the Create line because of its
worm gear (no brake required) drive, big transmission gears and reliability
per comments from TowerTalkians.  

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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