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Insurance and towers

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Subject: Insurance and towers
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Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 04:06:24 PST
Just want to add a little bit here about "insurance companies". I was with USAA 
since 1958.
Last year's little hurricane leftover storm took out several big oaks ( 90-100 
footers )
Year before, I took a direct hit on the tower....messed up the amp, but nothing 
about $500 to repair....OK, one of the oaks was not completely knocked over but 
leaning at
better than 45 degrees right over my barn. ( aluminimum repository ) Couldn't 
get a crane in
( 1200 feet from the street over 3 streams ) Well, oak fell rest of way a 
couple of days 
later, but by then, I had chainsawed the limbs and damage was only a few 
hundred where the
trunk hit the ridge.....thought it funny at the time, but USAA insisted on 
treating it as
a seperate claim, although damage had been incurred when it first went 
over....well, no
big deal I thought....until renewal that is when I was informed that since I 
had 3 claims
over the last two years which were "acts of God", homeowners would not be 

Checked with State Ins. commissioner's office and they confirmed "over 2 in 2 
years" is a
no no....

Not in the fine print by the way....just be careful you group the claims 

USAA apparently didn't bother to check that I had 2 trucks and an auto with 
them, plus
several hundred thousand in $ at their brokerage....that is, until I told them 
to stick their
whole lot right up their ass. ( excuse me ) 

That's when letters proclaiming the whole thing started arriving stating the 
initial decision
had been incorrectly handled. 

Told them to stick the letters up their ass along with the rest. 38 years with 
1 company,
NEVER a claim, other than these 3...don't be fooled into the "you're one of our 

Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/4/97
Time: 4:06:24 AM

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