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Create rotors.

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Subject: Create rotors.
From: (Stephen Merchant)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 21:30:57 -0800
Dean:  I've used the RC5B-3 since 1987 with no major problems -- did one
ECO, greased it once -- I've never tested it to it's advertised limits from
back in the old days when people talked about ratings in terms of square
feet -- it was rated at 35 and then 27 sq. ft.  I've turned KT34XA's and
402CD's with it, no problem.  Not having a brake is the greatest.

I've never felt as confident with it as with a big prop pitch, but then who
would?  I would certainly consider turning a KLM 40M4 with it, but probably
not a stack of them.

Tech support from EDCO used to be great, now it stinks.  I don't know if
Steve provides this -- if so, you're in luck.

My version of the manual was written by the same guys who turn out those
indecipherable VCR manuals, but there are lots of drawings and tables, so
you can sort of intuit what's going on, once you convert everything from metric.

Considering that no one builds a decent rotor, these are pretty damned good.

Good luck.

73, Steve K6AW

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>Any comments pro-con-flame about the Create rotors?
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