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Feedline and control line protection

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Subject: Feedline and control line protection
From: (Wendell - W5FL)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 22:49:12 -0600
Thanks for the response to my request on wire size for grounding and =
rebar welding and grounding.  If anyone still has any input on this =
previous message, looks like I am going to be delayed a few days with =
freezing weather again next week so pouring concrete looks like mid next =
week or later.  (Frost line is still about 1 inch for those with real =

Now I am concerned with the three coaxes (RG173/u or Times LMR400), =
three 8 wire control cables for rotator and switches, etc.  Polyphaser =
says to ground the shields of the coaxes at the base of the tower, but =
says not to use non hard line coax because moisture gets in when you =
remove the pvc jacket to ground the coax shield.  They have very little =
to say about the control lines and they should be important, also.

Question 1:  Do I need to do anything to these coax and control lines if =
they are going to go to some form of lightning arrestors about 100 feet =
away where they go into the house?  I guess if it is really important to =
ground the shield, I can use a box with feedthroughs and put PL-259 =
connectors on each side with drip loops.  I have never had much luck in =
keeping the moisture out of this type of arrangement, though.

Question 2:  Has anyone any suggestions on the least expensive (but =
good) way to protect these coax and control lines where they come into =
the house?  Is any protection required at the rotator or switchboxes?  I =
was going to put a home weather station about 30 feet up the tower, but =
will each of these additional control lines (14) also require protection =
at the unit or base of tower and going into the house?

Any and all assistance appreciated.  It has been 18 years since I put up =
my last tower in San Diego and the lightning protection field has =
changed considerably from one ground rod at the base of the tower!

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