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Subject: HDR300
From: (Bud)
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 03:10:05 -0600
Have been using HDR-300 types for years - presently using 6.  I thought 
I had seen everything break that could but here is a new one...

The upper cast aluminum housing became a hunk of junk!  Antenna it was
turning is a 3 ele homebrew full sized 40m-- elements start at 3" and
boom is 5 inch  --- so it was turning a bunch.  What happened is the 
antenna torque was so great that the four bolts holding the rotor to
the  rotor plate broke from the housing.  The upper housing is cast
aluminum  and the first one I have ever seen broken.   Anyone else with

I have had all the normal failures electrical and mechanical but this
was a first.  Removed and repaired it today.... hope to get it going    
tomorrow wx permitting.

This whole thing was caused by pinning the mast to the mast clamp!!!
My opinion is it is better to allow a bit of slippage in high winds than
to have something break!

Antenna is about 25 ft/sq es weight is abt 400 lbs.  Just passing this  
along to keep anyone from having the same trouble.

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