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Subject: HDR-300
From: (James Wolf)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 00:51:00 +0000
> What happened is the antenna torque was so great that the four bolts 
>holding the rotor to the  rotor plate broke from the housing.  The 
>upper housing is cast aluminum  and the first one I have ever seen 
>broken.   Anyone else with this experience?

Nope, but after a new shaft, platform and almost a new
gear,  the new shaft and gear are now one.
Welded the suckers together. Lasted longer than it ever has before.  
How in the world anyone could ever expect those keys to hold
up is beyond me.  And, of course they never do.
Sheesh,  can't anyone  make an REAL rotor?

Turning a TH6 and  a 2 el Cushcraft 40  and a few VHF antennas.

James Wolf, KR9U (home) (work)

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