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TH6DXX Issues

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Subject: TH6DXX Issues
From: (n4si)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 19:22:45 +0000
> Ladies and Gentlemen...
> I just purchased a pristine TH6DXX for $150 dollars that included new trap
> caps, and stainless hardware set still in the bag. 

Well done! You have successfully committed grand larceny. Good deal.
> 1.  What are people using now for a substitute to the BN86 balun?  I've
> never like these baluns since they have a tendency to fry.

Me either. I have gone back to using a coil of about a dozen turns, 
approximately 6" in diameter of coax. Use RG213 or some other solid 
dilectric. Foam dilectric tends to allow the center conductor to 
migrate with such a tight radius bend. The latest that lots of people 
seem pleased with is the string of ferrite cores around the feedline. 
Check with The Wireman (South Carolina) or Nemal in Miami for kits.

> 2.  Being a CW, RTTY and SSB operator, what is the best setting to use?  Low
> Phone?

I originally set up on low phone, but I find the SWR a little high 
for non-tuner operation with s/s finals at the bottom of the band. 
According to the curves, if you work CW, digital and Advanced/Extra 
phone, the CW settings should be good enough.
> 3.  Does Hy-Gain still sell the TH7 conversion for it? 

I don't believe so. In any event, if you do one, there is an anomaly 
as it comes out of the box, a fix for which was printed in NCJ some 
time ago; I don't have the date at hand.

> 4.  I have a Ham III rotor which I have used before with the TH6.  I am
> sending it off to have it reworked and a heavier brake installed. 

Should be enough for this installation.

> I'm don't want to mount the rotor ten foot down in the Rohn 25G
> tower like I did before.  (The tower is 60 foot, guyes at 35 and 55
> feet with a pointy-top.) I had to cut the rung in the tower to fit
> it in, I don't want to do that again.  Can the rotor be place high
> in the tower where it fits using a shorter mast?  I do not plan to
> place a 40 meter beam ontop of the TH6.  I plan to put up a small
> six meter beam and a KLM two meter beam for SSB and CW.  The TH6
> will be about 12 inches above the top of the "pointy-top" tower
> section. 

Yes, with the TH6 where you are placing it, the side stresses on the 
rotator should be minimal.

> Please respond directly to me, so minimum bandwidth is taken.

Nope, Lee. This is the sort of information that everyone can avail 
themselves of (and correct me), and in any event, for text messages, 
"bandwidth resource concerns" are unnecessary. It is, after all, the 
purpose of the reflector.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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