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Prop pitch heads

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Subject: Prop pitch heads
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Date: Mon, 06 Jan 97 13:47:25 CST
SUBJECT: Prop pitch heads
This may be old news but M2 will take your prop-pitch and mate it to
a control head similar to the 2800p.

They will install the magnets and the pick-up necessary for rotation indication
inside the  motor.  Additionally re-building  the prop-pitch if needed.

When completed the prop-pitch will have a digital head and a top plate
similar to the 2800p jaws and all.

Well I think this is correct.  I just sent mine out and this is what I am
expecting to be done.  The price including the control box and prop-pitch
rebuilding is $750.  The head with pick up magnets is $500 and $250
for prop-pitch overhaul.NOTE: small prop-pitch only and u supply one in good
to excellent condition.  The price is an estimate only..
That's all I know so just call M2 for more info.Is this a great hobby or what?


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