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Yagis, trolleys and trams - now tag lines!

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Subject: Yagis, trolleys and trams - now tag lines!
From: (n4si)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 06:13:48 +0000
> The pull line attaches to the junction of 2 lanyards which are
> each wrapped 3 or 4 times around the boom on either side of the 
> boom to mast plate.
> 2 more lanyards are similarly attached to the boom, and a pulley,
> which will ride up the tram line, is attached to their junction.
The perfect place for the slings and carabiners that Steve wrote 
about several years ago.

I have 2  4 foot long slings that make up the lifting/dragging 
harness on every antenna I work on. The sling is a loop of nylon 
webbing (mountaineer stuff; very strong and rugged) and is attached 
by wrapping it around the boom and through itself (girth hitch).

The two are then attached together with a 'biner. The pull or belay 
line is then attached to the 'biner.

This whole process takes 15 seconds, 12 seconds if the pull rope 
already had a loop at the end.

One of the nice things about the slings, is they can be attached
beyond your reach, if necessary to distribute the forces. Once
tension is taken off them, you can shake the girth hitch loose and
slide the sling toward you along the boom. 

Ask Steve for reprints of his articles on slings and 'biners or ask 
him to put them in the FAQ, if they're not already there. They will 
cost you money, but you will never be without them.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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