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True North in One Sentence (again)

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Subject: True North in One Sentence (again)
From: (Dean Norris)
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 07:38:52 -0700
At 06:53 1/7/97 -0800, you wrote:
>"At the time (local) half way between local sunrise and local sunset,
>the Sun, if shining, will cast a shadow exactly (true) North-South."
>That's the sentence.  
>Now, to avoid the FLAMES I received last time:  No, I do not mention
>NOON and this has nothing at all to do with noon, anywhere.  Yes, this
>works in the Southern Hemisphere, the shadow will fall to the South,
>however.  Yes, this works in Alaska (when the sun is out). Yes, if you
>live in Death Valley or behind a hill, you won't be able to use this.
>And finally, no, it will not work on the Moon, and it will be difficult
>on/near the Earth's Equator.
>local sunrise = 0700
>local sunset = 1720
>The sun will cast a shadow N-S at exactly: {(1720-0700)/2} + 0700 =
>1020/2 + 0700 =
>510 + 0700 = 1210 local time!
>Just use the local weather forcaster's sunrise/sunset times and it's
>accurate for amateur antenna alignment for sure!
>Bill, N3RR


I live in a location where the takeoff angle to horizon to the east is
virtually zero degrees, in other words, straight out.  To the west the
horizon is blocked by tall mountains and the takeoff angle is probably 20
degrees.  Will this make a difference to the sunrise and sunset times.?

Don't flatlanders have it easy!

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