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Rohn EF2545 Lifting Capacity

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Subject: Rohn EF2545 Lifting Capacity
From: (Wendell - W5FL)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 15:53:02 -0600
Jack,  Please forward anything you get on this subject to me as I am =
erecting my Rohn 45 64 foot foldover tower in a week or two.=20

My tower is laying on the ground beside the house waiting on me to =
attach grounding wire and pour concrete as soon as the wx gets back =
above freezing. =20

I just took a pair of scales and measured the following:  Backbone (P/N =
KY767) weighs 94# and the tail to the backbone (P/N KY775) weighs 32#.  =
The sum of these two parts does NOT equal 165# as their book shows (but =
they probably count winch cable, etc.).  I am going to lift mine with =
the EF2545 erection fixture (ginpole).  There is no need to have the =
pole more than a couple of feet out of the clamp fixture and I am going =
to put the backbone in place and then attach the tail - 2 bolts and =
winch cable and cable connector (P/N KY758).  If you assembled all of =
this on the ground and lifted the assembly it would be pretty heavy, but =
looks much easier to do in pieces.

Hope your tower gets there safely.  Mine was damaged when it arrived =
last week.  One tower section had a leg broken off (bottom 10 inches) =
and the A bracket (1/4 inch x 2 in bar) was twisted 90 degrees and three =
other tower legs were bent up to 1/2 inch.  The sheet metal (1/8 in) on =
the backbone looked like someone had hit it in four or five places with =
a hatchet.  Rohn is shipping me a new tower section and A bracket and I =
will straighten the backbone sheet metal.  Two bolts were also missing =
from the turnbuckles which they have shipped to me.  I certainly hope =
that the tower didn't leave Rohn is this condition.  Be absolutely =
certain to write on the freight bill any damage.  Take as long as you =
need to inspect it and don't let anyone else sign the freight bill for =
you.  If you don't document it when you unload it, they will try not to =
do anything about it and the law seems to be on the shipping companies =

Rohn's drawings are fair if you have a magnifying glass to read them.  I =
thought the tower would come with better instructions and drawings.  =
Wrong.  They send exactly the same thing that is in their catalog (8 1/2 =
x 11).

Good Luck...Wen

* I need to know if anyone has successfully used Rohn's EF2545 to hoist =
* boom section (165 pounds) of a 4564 foldover in place. The Rohn =

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