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Pictures speak a 1000 words

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Subject: Pictures speak a 1000 words
From: (C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI))
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 16:29:22 -0800
Lee Buller wrote:
> OK...I admit it...I can't seem to understand all the procedures to install
> large beams ontop of towers.  I need a picture.  Has anyone done this?
> Heck, I am old plowboy from Kansas and if you can't use a logchain and a
> hook, then I need a picture.
> The way I have done this before is to place a 4 X 4 through the tower at the
> top and run two tramlines to the front yard.  Slid the whole damn thin up
> there using muscle power.  No pullies, no fancy carabiners, no fancy webbing.
> But, this old plowboy isn't dumb.  If there is a easier way of doing this, I
> would like to know..

1.  Take a heavy rope and tie a hook on the end.
2.  Hook the hook in the top of the mast on the tower.
3.  Slide a pulley on the rope and tie the rope to a tree-post-whatever.
4.  Hang the (assembled) beam from the pulley.
5.  Tie a rope to the beam.
6.  Take the rope up the tower & pull beam up to the mast.
7.  If its a big 'un, have a couple of guys help guide it up with "tag 
lines" flipped over the boom so they can be released after its up by 
pulling one end.

With a little imagination in hooking things up, the beam will end up 
right at the point where you want to attach it to the mast.

Of course you gotta be in the field with a little space to do this.

Chuck (just call me old "Hayseed"), KE5FI

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