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RE True North - in Kansas

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Subject: RE True North - in Kansas
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Date: Wed, 8 Jan 97 05:03:29 PST
Well, the streets may have started out as magnetic North, but I wouldn't bet on 
them now. The
true  magnetic North Pole moves around, ( I used to pilot the "Polar Star" 
flights which would 
go up and find the damn thing about every 2 months ) Now if you guys are 
confused, imagine us 
when to fly South, we had to fly North. And in case you're wondering how we 
used compasses, we 
didn't. We could slave the directional indicator to the master gyro ( damn 
thing was 8' across ) 
and navigate that way. Don't ask me how the twigets in the back found it, not 
my job. BTW, this
info necessary so charts could be updated and variation info changed.

This question will be on the final exam.

Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 1/8/97
Time: 5:03:29 AM

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