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Subject: TRUE NORTH!!!!!
From: (Rod Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 07:42:34 -0600
>Guys, discuss this as much as you wish, but PLEASE, the correct word is
>DECLINATION. If the DEVIATION is WEST, you ADD it to the compass
>indication. If it is EAST,
>SUBSTRACT it from the compass indication.
>Might I also add that if you have a plat of your property, and it's
>usually required when
>you have it surveyed, all the sides have their magnetic bearings on the
>plat. Call the
>nearest Flight Control center and ask them for the DEVIATION in the
>area....home free

Ed,with respect, I have heard the term declination used all my
life by those that were in the profession of surveying, navigating,
etc.  I took the time to look it up in Webster's because I was
puzzled by your (and others) statements that it was not correct.
Webster's says:

"Angular distance north or south from the celestial equator measured
along a great circle passing through the celestial poles."

Doesn't that accurately describe what has been talked about?

Sign me Curious.
Rod, W5HVV

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