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True North

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Subject: True North
From: (Jay Musikar)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 12:19:58 -0500
I hate to belabor this thread, but when dealing with terms like,
"declination," "deviation,"inclination" and "dip" do not rely upon
dictionary definitions.

Most, but not all, geology, earth science, and geography books define
"magnetic declination" as the angle between the magnetic north and
geographic north pole.

Further research will reveal that the angles of declination and inclination
(determined by a compass and a dipping needle) give the direction of the
magnetic field of the earth with reference to:
up and down.

So guys...Enough is enough.  Let's stop playing with semantics!


At 07:42 AM 1/8/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>Guys, discuss this as much as you wish, but PLEASE, the correct word is
>>DECLINATION. If the DEVIATION is WEST, you ADD it to the compass
>>indication. If it is EAST,
>>SUBSTRACT it from the compass indication.
>>Might I also add that if you have a plat of your property, and it's
>>usually required when
>>you have it surveyed, all the sides have their magnetic bearings on the
>>plat. Call the
>>nearest Flight Control center and ask them for the DEVIATION in the
>>area....home free
>Ed,with respect, I have heard the term declination used all my
>life by those that were in the profession of surveying, navigating,
>etc.  I took the time to look it up in Webster's because I was
>puzzled by your (and others) statements that it was not correct.
>Webster's says:
>"Angular distance north or south from the celestial equator measured
>along a great circle passing through the celestial poles."
>Doesn't that accurately describe what has been talked about?
>Sign me Curious.
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