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NORTH!!!!! Let's get it RIGHT!

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Subject: NORTH!!!!! Let's get it RIGHT!
From: (John Brosnahan)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 11:18:03 -0600
>Ed,with respect, I have heard the term declination used all my
>life by those that were in the profession of surveying, navigating,
>etc.  I took the time to look it up in Webster's because I was
>puzzled by your (and others) statements that it was not correct.
>Webster's says:
>"Angular distance north or south from the celestial equator measured
>along a great circle passing through the celestial poles."
>Doesn't that accurately describe what has been talked about?

(No, sorry, but then the deviation is not correct either.)

That is not what is being talked about.  The use of declination in
your case is for astronomical purposes--where the position of a 
star is defined in terms of declination and right ascension.

This use of declination in the discussed case is for surveying
and navigating and aligning Yagis on Heard Island and is 
referenced to the earth's magnetic field, and is the correct term.

The MAGNETIC DECLINATION, called angle D, is the angle between 
Geographic North and Magnetic North.

Maybe the flyboys use deviation but the CORRECT term
(Physics and Surveying) IS declination.

BTW  The MAGNETIC DIP or INCLINATION, which is the angle I, 
measured between the horizontal and the direction taken by a freely 
(3D) suspended magnetized needle.   At the magnetic N and S poles
the dip is vertical (and at the magnetic equator it is horizontal).

73  John  W0UN

ref.    Surveying  5th Ed.  Bouchard and Moffitt
        Principles of Physical Geology 2nd Ed. Holmes
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