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True North in One Sentence (again)

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Subject: True North in One Sentence (again)
From: (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 12:16:40 -0600
I don't know why you guys are so "anal" about this.

An 8 element beam off 5 degrees will have a signal degredation of <0.15dB.
I'm sure most of you have at least that much connector loss.

Even off 10 degrees will only result in a "loss" of 0.5dB.
Your 4 element Cushcraft has < 0.3dB "loss" at 10 degrees.
And even a 40 element 432 beam has < 0.8dB "loss" at 5 degrees.
And by the way, vertical stacking does nothing to your beamwidth.

How often have you been working Europe when a ZS calls you and you hear him?
How about working JA and you still hear VK/ZL?  Happens all the time!!
5 degrees isn't going to kill your HF signal.

Bill hit it on the head when he said:
>I think going to a pilot shop, looking at a chart and finding the nearest 
>isogonic line and then correcting your magnetic compass for magnetic 
>variation is probably the simpliest and most accurate.

Maybe not the most accurate, but certainly the clear winner in the
Ease versus Accuracy department.

I'm so glad I live near the agonic line (0 variation).

Have a nice day,

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