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From: (Dean Norris)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 18:47:54 -0700
A new thread, almost as controversial as direction... Time!!!!!!!!!!

Why, with all the I'net timing capabilities, can't people log with somewhat
accurate time?  Why, I see QSO's off as far as 45 minutes.  I can understand
one hour, one day, one year... but 45 min?

It is time <g> we unite and take a stand against these LIDS that can't keep
a log with accurate times.  I want a scientific poll as to what level of
accuracy we, as leaders in the technical realm, are willing to accept.  I
for one am willing to accept error as much as 10^-3 seconds but I realise
that is not all that good.  Some may choose the ultimate, that is, WWV
accuracy or nothing.  

QSL Managers, take a stand and check ur logs. If the QSO ain't within the
acceptable range, say "NOT IN LOG".  

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