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North and the END of a thread...R.I.P.

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Subject: North and the END of a thread...R.I.P.
From: (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 17:54:22 -0800 wrote:
>       Thanks to everyone for their interesting and varied (can I say varied?)
> comments on our old friend, North.  We obviously have a lot of
> North-knowledgeable folks and a lot of pilots on this reflector.
>      I think that we've split enough hairs and clogged up our poor server
> with more than adequate insight.  Thanks to those who cunningly chose NOT to
> say anything; your efforts are appreciated.
>      In the future, you'll only be allowed to ask how to determine SOUTH to
> avoid additional North Wars.  Also, references to Ollie North, Sherrie North,
> Northern Spotted Owl, North Conway and other points *N* will be discouraged.
> Perhaps we could also prevail on the good dr. Bafoofnik to bless our headings
> and inter North once and for all.
>       That's all from here, Walter.  Back to you........
> 73 from the Pacific -----West,  Steve  K7LXC
> Owner, administrator and Chief Yahoo for TowerTalk
Ok Steve, but how do I determine true east?  First find true north, then
true south and split the difference, or would that aim me at the left

Hopelessly confused in the center of the black hole.

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