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Force 12 5DBA antenna

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Subject: Force 12 5DBA antenna
From: (Allan Elstien)
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 10:04:31 -0500

I am interested in purchasing and installing the Force 12 strike force
multi-monoband antenna 5DBA.

I would like to call on the experience of others. How well does the antenna

Is it easy to assemble and install?

How well does it do in the wind and ice? I live in Chicago.

I plan to install it on a 52 foot tower using an orion 2800A rotor. The
antenna will be  approx. 2 feet above the top of the tower.

The other antenna I am considering is the larger klm model KT-34XA.

11 sq. ft. is the maximum my tower can support.

Thanks for your help.

73, Allan WD9DIL

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