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PRO-67-C vs. C-4XL/D

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Subject: PRO-67-C vs. C-4XL/D
From: (John Scott)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 21:38:48 -0500
Thanks for all the great input from my previous post about the PRO-67-C /
TX-455 / G-800SDX combo. Everybody said to go with the heavier HDX-555
tower and a heavier rotor, so I am. Also a few of you suggested that I
would be disappointed with the PRO-67-C and should check out the Force 12
C-4XL. So I'm having prices and specs sent to me. I would like to bounce a
couple of questions at this group as part of my research.
1) Are the gain and f/b specs "really" that much better for a trap beam?
2) Is the C-4XL "really" that much better at rx and tx ( 97% efficient )?
Any other comments good and bad are welcomed. Again thanks for all the

John - WM9U

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