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HAM-type rotors and connectors

To: <>
Subject: HAM-type rotors and connectors
From: (William G Bithell)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 10:44:30 EST
On Fri, 10 Jan 1997 03:10:01 -0100 bob <> writes:
>n4si wrote:
>> As long as we're on the subject of HAM (CDE) style rotors, let me
>> expound on the greatest improvement since their invention: 
>> Quick Disconnect modification. For the paltry sum of $15 (or so) you
>> get a QD weatherproof connector assembly with 8 sets of gold pins 
>> sockets.
>actually i have to disagree; i had this put on my rotator several yrs
>ago and im very sorry i did. its a mechanical weak point since the 
>where the quick disconnect joins the rotator is VERY fragile and tends
>to wear quickly in the wind, or with stress on the cable. since you 
>replace rotators every few yrs, go with some other type of 
>this is a weakness than CAN cause you to replace the rotator
>-The original  terminal strip is not easy to service on the tower and
It corrodes when exposed to the elements. I dont like any  connectors at
the rotor because they are very difficult to repair on the tower.
We have gone to wiring a pigtail of  3 feet or so of rotor cable on the
rotor and splice the rotor cable with wire nuts. It turns out to be much
easier to remove and replace, all you need is cutters and wire strippers
and some wire nut, and tape.  No worries of trying to replace some 
broken connector on the tower .   It's cheap, fast, and it works.

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