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Subject: TIA-222
From: (Reid Bannon)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 97 13:36:14 CDT
     Hi again Steve,
     If you don't mind could you look up the wind speed rating for my 
     I live in Collin County, Texas.  Frisco, Tx is the city.  Which is 
     almost on the Denton Collin county line.  Just east into Collin County 
     about 5 miles.
     I am in the very early stages of my project.  I am going to map out my 
     yard on graph paper per scale this weekend, to try and help determine 
     where I can place the tower and guys.  I am hoping I can get by with 
     25G.  But want the wind speed ratings first to help me with my 
     hardware decisions.
     Just for background in getting started with this project.  I live on a 
     small city lot.  The back yard is pretty small with a pool in the way 
     also.  So I thought if I could get it all on graph paper per scale I 
     could use it to see how and where the guys would fall.  Unless you 
     have a better idea?  
     Another question, I will be facing is the use of elevated guy support 
     poles.  Which I am in favor of getting the guys wires out and up off 
     the ground, so the kids would not get closelined so to speak.  Any 
     pro's or cons here for me to think about?
     Well more later I am sure as this project goes along.
     73, Reid - N5MTS
   (wk) (hm)

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