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Raising (Hell) Beams

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Subject: Raising (Hell) Beams
From: (K7BG Matt Trott)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 14:00:06 -0700 (MST)
>So, you see, that's why I say you can't (shouldn't) use a (non-steel)
>rope for the tram in you description.  And the forces on the pull line
>are also significant.  I use the 1/2 inch poly and pull it with a
>Bill, N3RR

I used 1/4 EHS for the tram line to pull my 402CD up to 83 feet. I ran the
tram "way" out from the tower and ran it around a 6 inch wooden fence post.
I pulled like blazes on the "dead end" (the end coming back around the post)
and then performed some gymnastics while I clamped the dead end to the live
end with 2 cable clamps all the whilst attempting to maintain as much
tension on the cable as possible. 

I ran 1/2" rope through a pulley at the bottom of the tower up to a pulley
muffler clamped to the 4130 2" mast and down to the antenna. I pulled it up
by hand, reclimbed the tower and bolted the antenna on the mast. I'm more
brawn than brains, but it worked quite nicely.

I did pull it up and down several times snagging the elements in the top
guys before I remembered a concept called "tag lines." I wrapped some
closeline rope loosely around the forward most element end (one end only)
and loosley taped it to the element. It worked perfectly allowing me to
steer the element out of the way of the guys. I held the antenna haul rope
with one hand and the tag with the other. Just as I got it in perfect
position and started to ponder how hard it was going to be to get the tag
line freed, the tag line fell off. Perfect!

I live out in the boonies and did this solo. It would be a lot easier with
some help, but I was surprised at how well it worked. I used a HY-GAIN boom
to mast clamp and other QHS (NL) mods have been done to my 402, but it still
only ways around 65-75 lbs.

73 and be careful,

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