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Concord Tower Saga Update -Reply

To: <>
Subject: Concord Tower Saga Update -Reply
From: (Patrick Barkey)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:14:48 -0500

If I were you, I would thoroughly understand the procedural rules for the
Commission meeting before I went there.  I went through an exercise
similar in spirit (but less financially burdensome) than yours three years
ago that ended very badly.

The problem was that I was not allowed to rebut the arguments of my
neighbors, who testified after me.  They were allowed to say all kinds of
absolutely idiotic things about my proposed tower, and I was not allowed
to speak because I had already had my "turn."  If I had it to do all over
again I would have had a lawyer (or other advocate) give my initial
presentation, and save my own comments to rebut the nonsense that the
neighbors will come up with.

By the way, I would love to been required to notify only those within 300'
of my tower.  (I wouldn't have had to notify anyone!).  The rule here was
that I had to notify people 2 parcels deep in every direction.  Out here in
farm country, that meant notifying people over a mile away.

Good Luck.

   -- Pat

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