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Planning Commision Public Hearing

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Subject: Planning Commision Public Hearing
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 16:01:57 -1000

Ok,  forgot a couple of very important points.

You will discover that an Assistant District Attorney
will be at the Planning Commision meeting.  He will
take an analyze EVERYTHING you submit in the way
of technical/other relevant court actions on amateur
antenna situations.  He is also there to monitor and
prevent a Council Commision member from saying
the wrong thing,  asking an illegal question of you,  etc.
So he can both help and hurt you and your case.  You
must be thourough and carful.

Since you already submitted PRB-1 with your application,
you can be sure that that document has, in fact,  gone to
the Assistant DA,  and he is already researching the
applicalbe cases in your Federal Court District.  Call
the ARRL first thing tomorrow and have them Express
Mail to you all copies of applicable Federal Court
desisions in your district and other pertinent data.  And be
sure to get the paper they have on antenna height vs.
communications effectiveness.  Also find out who is
the best ARRL volunteer counsed in your area that 
KNOWS the relevant decisions in your area about
amateur antenna permits.  Call Rusty Epps,  W6OAT,  he
absolutely can help you,  though he probably would not
be available to go to the Commission meeting with you,
but who knows!!

Anyway,  be sure you get copies BEFORE your public hearing
of any written statements the DA's office has prepard and submitted
to the Commision regarding your application.  You have a right to have
copies of anything he has sent them in writing about your permit
application.  You might have to get an attorney to get them for you
if a simple request to your Planning Commision case worker doesn't

But act fast,  sounds as if you haven't much time left before the

And,  good luck again!

73,  Jim, KH7M

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