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TB3 Thrust Bearing

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Subject: TB3 Thrust Bearing
From: (Rod Greene)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 97 09:07 MST
Maybe someone on the reflector could clarify this:

Years ago when I first installed a TB3, I thought I
would be smart to lube it. I took it apart and used 
some type of grease, not sure now what kind it was.
Later, when I talked to someone about it (again not
sure who - minds are a terrible thing or is that memory), 
told me it was engineered to be dry and not to use any
lube.  It would just attract dirt and cause problems.
Well it was too late for me, as I had already installed
it and wasn't about to take it back down.  Over the 
years, I haven't had any problems with it so I guess
no harm was done. 

Since this is an open design for a bearing and it's 
turning slow, one would think it shouldn't need any
lube. Right or wrong?

        73, Rod
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