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C3 vs the other brands

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Subject: C3 vs the other brands
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Date: 13 Jan 1997 21:24:56 EST
K7>      Well, not really monobanders in the strict sense of the word but they
K7>are all parasitic on different frequencies.  Since gain is a function of boo
K7>length, that's where you need to start.  And that's irregardless of the
K7>number of elements.  The more elements you have on a given boom length aren'
K7>necessarily going to give you any more gain.  The Force 12 antennas have bee
K7>computer modeled and optimized so they compete very well (and sometimes
K7>better) with a comparable trapped tribander of similar boom length.  You may
K7>want to get a copy of Tom's book, "Array Of Light", that gets into more
K7>design details.  Along with a lot of other interesting topics, as well.


Hi there

            What difference makes more elements on same boom lenght, f/b

Ernesto Grueneberg, LU6BEG

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